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The ultimative question; “Who am I?”.

The short answer: “Me.”

Well since you clicked into this page you probably would like the long answer.

It all began the 24th September 1986 in the northern regions of Sweden. I was born, and so began my life. My parents whom brought me into this world were both Danish.

9 months later I began walking around. My first word was; “aaaa” If you can count that as a word, but it was pretty close to “far” which means dad in Danish.

So the life as a bilingual crazy guy had begun.

21 years later I got my own son, Marius, I live in the upper regions of Denmark. (I moved to Denmark with my family in 1996).

In 2005 I joined the site YouTube where I have been posting videos since.

Account: http://www.youtube.com/tylzen

If you want to know more, you are more than welcome to leave me a message on YouTube, here or mail me at tylzen@tylzen.com

You may also try and catch me on Twitter.com/tylzen

Take care!


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