My dead card


So I got a new laptop, twice.

I need a laptop for my school work. So I invested in a new Sony Vaio with a fullHD screen, it looked good and seemed as good quality.

After spending several hours getting the machine up-to-date with the newest software and updates, I found out that the M key on the keyboard was broken.

Darn it.

I went to the store next time, and it was sent fo repairs.

I got a temporary replacement, but of inferior quality. An Acer Aspire 7738G.

The keyboard is driving me nuts, I am typing on it to make this blog entry. The keys are way too plastic like and I have to be precise to actually have the keyboard register anything.

Blah, lets hope the repair shop can fix that one key fast, before this keyboard has driven me nuts.


Acer Aspire 7738G


Sony Vaio fw41m

I only had the Sony machine for less than a day, but I already miss it.


Got a new keyboard.

Reclusa Gaming Keyboard

It just arrived with the mail. I ordered it yesterday after my previous (Saitek Eclipse II) keyboard have begun falling apart. Now I just need to get used to these new buttons and learn about the hotkeys. The keyboard is the Microsoft Reclusa Gaming Keyboard. So far the quality seems to be good and it has a nice feel about it. Hopefully it will last more than 1½ year actually my keyboard lasts on average about 10 months which makes my previous keyboard a rather solid one. I am not sure if I am typing too hard which is leading to the early downfall of my keyboards. Perhaps I am just spending too much time on them.

Oh well I am going to end this and start getting my words per minute up.


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