Religious charities rejects donations.

From time to time I hear from theists that atheists tends to donate less than theists. Studies supports this, but I think there may be an underlying issue other than their lack of belief in gods.

It is not unheard of that religious charities, such as the Salvation Army rejects donations if they think they go against their religious belief. With one particular case with the Salvation Army, they rejected toys of Harry Potter and Twillight, because it promoted the occult and witchcraft.

They also reject money donations from groups that they didn’t like or if the money was attained in such a manner that they did not like. Such as money won in legal gambling or lottery. Also money from musicians or likewise that does not share their religious belief.

I have focused a lot on the Salvation Army, but I would speculate that a non-believer would feel uneasy to donate money to charities that are religious, which the majority of charities are.

So what we need is more focus on secular, and open charities, to make sure we know what the money is spent on.

Beware of what you share…

Been awhile since I posted something on my blog.

I should update it more regularly, but so little time.

Anyway, I got this experience on Twitter, I was sharing a site, to show something outrageous, and one of the people I follow actually thanked me for it. Because he had been looking for it.

He was taking it as semi-legit and said much of it made sense.

There was also some private messages he sent to me, which I am not going disclose.

But it got me to thinking, should we be more careful what we share? If we got sites that are bogus, but if we share them with people that have a tendency to believe it, we might push more people into the realm of conspiracies and pseudo-science.

On the other hand, it is also good to know which sites are crazy out there. is one of them.

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