Why I think secularism is important…

drkirstenWhen I talk with some of my American and even Danish friends they like to paint a picture of Denmark, as a haven of secularism and non-belief.
The more scrutiny I have applied to this picture of Denmark, more and more of the paint falls off, showing the ugly face of apathy painted underneath.

Denmark by law is not secular, we have a state church, the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Denmark, and our head of state, currently the Queen Magrethe II, is ordained by the Christian god.
In society apathy rules supreme, which is one of the reasons why I joined the Danish Atheist Society, to help fight this apathy, to make my voice and concerns heard.

You may ask, "But if people do not care about religion, does that not make it easier?"
No it does not, since many of the Christian groups in Denmark, do care, they want their messages and way of life to be spread and embraced by as many as possible, they want to ban abortion, minimize the rights of people who have other sexual preferences than themselves.

When I then speak up, to call these people out, for being an overall danger for the progress of the Danish society, I am told to be a fanatic, and why cannot I not just leave these people alone?
I cannot leave them alone, because they cannot leave me or my rights alone, it is impossible for them, by the dogma they have put up themselves.
Their goal is conversion of the population, into their cult of death, and eliminating free thought and new ideas.
Yet the apathetic population is blissfully ignorant about these groups of Christians, that are not a small minority, but cling together in fear, as soon as the word Muslim is uttered in the media.
Muslims that seek the same goal as these Christians, same rhetoric, and methods.

Denmark like to put itself up on a pedestal, as some champion of democracy, and human rights.
With the same breath, you will hear politicians saying on live TV (which is later cut out of the rerun) that we would have to thank the Christian church and values for the democracy we have to day.
The audacity and ignorance that some politicians from their platform of authority freely and proudly displays is almost vulgar.
Few years back Danmarks Radio (The Danish National Broadcasting Company) got new guidelines put down by the politicians in power, that they should spread the Christian message and values, with an addendum that they were not allowed to discriminate by race, sexuality, religion, and more.

The reason why we have a democracy as we do in Denmark, is of no credit to the churches of Christianity, it is centuries of free-thinkers’ work, many with their life at risk.
Fighting for human rights, putting the will and rights of the people, before the will of some proposed deity.

Also the state church, in a position of being the highest religious authority in the nation, with a nationwide ban on any gay marriages within any religion.
I have discussed for a total of weeks with people that say, "Well gay people can get civil union, why should the church not be allowed to choose who they want to marry."
My response is and always will be, as long as civil union in Denmark does not hold the same rights as a couple that is married, I will be against having this ban.
Ironically this state church is also named, "The Danish People’s Church", yet discriminate against large portions of the population of the Danish society.

I would have nothing against showing the actual face of Christianity, when they are not put under the restraints of democracy, to show people its true face, and ask them afterwards, "Is this truly what you want?"

Secularism is important for those facts, that politicians should not make any laws or favors for any religious adherence.

Religious charities rejects donations.

From time to time I hear from theists that atheists tends to donate less than theists. Studies supports this, but I think there may be an underlying issue other than their lack of belief in gods.

It is not unheard of that religious charities, such as the Salvation Army rejects donations if they think they go against their religious belief. With one particular case with the Salvation Army, they rejected toys of Harry Potter and Twillight, because it promoted the occult and witchcraft.

They also reject money donations from groups that they didn’t like or if the money was attained in such a manner that they did not like. Such as money won in legal gambling or lottery. Also money from musicians or likewise that does not share their religious belief.

I have focused a lot on the Salvation Army, but I would speculate that a non-believer would feel uneasy to donate money to charities that are religious, which the majority of charities are.

So what we need is more focus on secular, and open charities, to make sure we know what the money is spent on.

Being Gay in a Christian Nation

I just stumbled onto this recent minor documentary, by a gay British reporter, traveling to Uganda. To see how big a part of their society was anti-gay.

It was shocking, I knew of this, seen other similar documentaries about this issue, but it still shocks me each time.

It gets me to thinking, what can and will moderate Christians do about this?

The typical “defense” I hear is that they are touching the gospels in a wrong way, that Jesus spread the message of love, and not hatred.

On the other hand, if their anti-gay laws are passed, then the Bible also says to respect the laws of the nation.

And the last stand for most moderates I confront with this, is the “No True Scotsman Fallacy”, basically saying that these people are not “real” Christians. Trying to exclude these people from the umbrella which is labeled Christianity.

There is a lot of focus on the trampling of human rights in certain Muslim nations, and rightfully so, and in China with their power of suppressing anyone who does not agree with the government.

But I do not think there is enough focus on what Christianity can do of harm to a nation, there must be a balance, one religion should not get a carté blanche on certain issues, while others are free to prey upon.

It is hypocrisy at its worse.

The mini-Documentary I saw can be seen underneath.

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