Being Gay in a Christian Nation

I just stumbled onto this recent minor documentary, by a gay British reporter, traveling to Uganda. To see how big a part of their society was anti-gay.

It was shocking, I knew of this, seen other similar documentaries about this issue, but it still shocks me each time.

It gets me to thinking, what can and will moderate Christians do about this?

The typical “defense” I hear is that they are touching the gospels in a wrong way, that Jesus spread the message of love, and not hatred.

On the other hand, if their anti-gay laws are passed, then the Bible also says to respect the laws of the nation.

And the last stand for most moderates I confront with this, is the “No True Scotsman Fallacy”, basically saying that these people are not “real” Christians. Trying to exclude these people from the umbrella which is labeled Christianity.

There is a lot of focus on the trampling of human rights in certain Muslim nations, and rightfully so, and in China with their power of suppressing anyone who does not agree with the government.

But I do not think there is enough focus on what Christianity can do of harm to a nation, there must be a balance, one religion should not get a carté blanche on certain issues, while others are free to prey upon.

It is hypocrisy at its worse.

The mini-Documentary I saw can be seen underneath.

Stupid Creationist


Small Update

The past two days I have had some vivid dreams about vampires. I wonder if it have anything to do with me reading tons of stuff about different vampire lore.
I might make a post about my favourite vampire, make up a character. Always wanted to write stuff. Just never got around actually doing it.
Besides having vivid vampire dreams, I also reached a whooping thousand subscribers on Youtube. Most if not all on Youtube are a bunch of subwhores. It is our e-penises even for the ladies, the more subscribers you have, the bigger the cock is!
It is soon my birthday, again, it seems like yesterday that I turned 23, and this friday the 24th I will turn 24!
The last piece of update I am leaving here is that I have for now changed my focus on Youtube from religion to the nationalism that stalks Denmark.
Take care.

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