Forever young?

 I recommend listening to: Alphaville – Forever Young, while reading this blog entry.

Is it not funny how fast you grow up? Before you know you’ve turned 18. You need to be responsable for your own life, you begin pay taxes as an adult. Looking back on the early teens, the parties, the first “real” kiss. Hehe memories.

Now I am 21, I got a son, I live in an apartment with my girlfriend. It still seems like yesterday when I was out walking in the cold with friends. A beer in our hands, laughing and not caring about our future. Living in the moment.

Did we hope to live forever?

When I had my son, only one of my “friends” responded in a negative fashion, he thought it was sad that I have ruined my youth. But what have I ruined? I have merely just begun a new chapter in the book of life. His idea of ones youth was being out every weekend getting drunk, being with countless of girls.

Well I have done that, and I have gotten bored of it. It is fun to have a drink or two with friends, but doing it as a hobby just tires me out.

Have I grown up? Perhaps, but I still feel as the same person, hehe, same crazy ideas, same humour. I am still me! Matured, well perhaps, I would rather say that I have become a more responsable human being.

Life is what you make it to be! Remember that kids 😉

One Response to Forever young?

  • Varity says:

    Great advice. Some people refuse to grow up and never grow out of the immature lifestyle thinking that everyone else is boring, but really they’re just moving on to bigger and most likely better things. And then the people who never “grow up” miss out on a lot of beautiful things! Sad really.

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