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Looking for a new job

I only got 6 days left of my job in Aarhus, and then I will made available on the market. So as of this moment I am scouting for a new job in the Aalborg / Nørresundby vicinity. A weekend job so I can earn some extra money besides my SU.

I am not very picky when it comes to jobs, I just want a job that has a good enviroment and decent pay. I am a working man, not a slave.

When I worked for BILKA (Large supermarked in Denmark) I felt like a slave, the work hours were insane, and the pay was lousy. I had no co-worker in my department of 100 people that were pleased of their job. So working for that company which is run by Dansk supermarked is out of the question!

But McDonald’s might be an idea, since I previsouly worked there for 4 years in Aarhus, so I got some experience from that.

Gas stations are also an option, since I like the non-stress enviroment that I had proven to be. I never once felt my stress gauge go up while working at Kuwait Petrol (Q8). Not even on the night shifts.

But lets see what I can find 🙂


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