My son is growing up, fast!


It is incredible how fast Marius, my son is growing and learning. He is soon 3 years old, and that is fantastic. Watching him develop and interact with the world around him is fascinating and intriguing.

For every other week when I get him back from his mother’s there are noticeable changes. He has learned new phrases, and new ways of interacting with his environment.

His motor skills are probably one of the things that I am most impressed by, few months back he learned how to handle a computer mouse. Knowing that the arrow on the monitor was a representation of the mouse. Manipulating with the mouse, he knew that he would be able to move the arrow on the monitor.

Probably by observing what I had clicked on, he was able to maneuver his way onto Youtube and start some of the videos that he preferred to watch.

He recently got a bike from his mother, and it did not take him long to learn how to build up speed and lift his feet up to maximize his velocity. It is a bike with no support wheels, but it has no peddles either, the only means of getting him forward is by walking/running while sitting on the seat of the bike.

Now I just need to learn how to behave himself in the traffic so I do not have to jog after that small speed devil.

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