Number 1372 Would You Please Step Forward!

I just received the email today that verified my membership of Danish Atheist Society.

Does this grant me any particular superpowers or privileges? Not really.

Why then? First of all, I want to support a good cause, and secondly I always wanted to be a member of an organization that I can say, “I support!”.

Hopefully it may provide me with some tools and community for some awesome things to come in the future.

My first plan is to mingle with the 1371 other members, as much as possible, I know very little of the Danish atheist communities. That I know, are from friends and from Youtube.

It also seems rather dormant in Facebook, but religion is such a non-issue in Denmark, so I hope it is not the cruel face of apathy that has struck.

If so, I would like to blow the glow, so it will create a new fire.

Take care.

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