Romanian witches no longer allowed to cheat.


I do not know whethere to laugh or to cry. Romania has proposed a law that will make it illegal for witches to make false predictions. In other hands they will be held accountable for their predictions of the future.

It is both fun and sad that a government has to make a law about woo-woo as if it was real, or at least some of it. If the law passes and it makes them accountable for the failed predictions and fortune tellings, I wonder if it will have an impact on the superstition that flourishes in Romania.

As a sidenote, all the donations has to be registered as a tax income. So being a witch is a legit job. Hehe.

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  • Mariam says:

    Ok. Let’s look at human rights siacntifieclly. We allow abortion, so human development below a certain threshold, which causes a drain the resources of other humans can justify killing. I live in canada were medicine is socialized, which means the state, my tax dollars pay for medical treatment. Does this mean it is rational to put down people who are so mentally disabled that they are nothing but a drain on resources. I am assuming science tells us that they will never recover.Or should the government embrace the rather irrational idea that all human life, somewhat arbitrarily after birth, must be preserved, simply because a family member might not want to let go?I don’t think science is A way of knowing, science actually utilizes multiple ways of knowing. And different fields in science put different weight behind these different ways. Altruism is not science, its a gut instinct.

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