Should We Care About Science?

Should the average person care about science and the discoveries that scientists makes?

Yes, the “problem” is that the average person for understable reasons, do not understand what impact science has on their life. For the past 150 years our view of the universe has drastically changed, humankind has uncovered many laws of nature that explains phenomenons, that were unknown before.

Technologically we have changed society drastically even over the past 50 years, especially with the invention of computers and networking, which enables me to write this blog entry.

Supporting science helps us discover new ways of thinking, that in the end can help society.

Decreasing funding for universities can in worst case halt the progress of a nation, specializing is another thing.

Should we be better at telling the public about the latest scientific discoveries?

Yes, numerous times I have seen papers misquoted or twisted to fit an agenda of a newspaper or a private blogger.

I am not claiming to be any kind of expert in any scientific field, but if I read a story in a newspaper about a scientific discovery, I try and get to the original papers and reading their conclusions.

As the illustration belows demonstrates, findings can be twisted and scare the public.

The Science News Cycle

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