Some thoughts on openminded, and flawed logic.

You must have a knowledge of an entity in order to be able to write anything about the entity.

Example, “Can you write a book about your father?”

“Yes? That is because you have a knowledge of your father, that is why you can write a book about him”.

“Therefore the people that wrote the Bible had to know their God, because or else they wouldn’t be able to write about it.”

Now this kind of logic is heavily flawed.

If we have to follow this logic, because someone could think of Superman, Spiderman, Hercules, and other mythological creatures they must have known about these creatures or else they would not be able to write about them.

I think it is a major underestimation of the human imagination we are able to exaggerate certain aspects of our lives, so the concepts of an omnipotent, omniscient and omnipresent being is not that hard to think of. All that is required is that you think of a being that is able to do everything.

For example a first cause being, ignoring all the questions that might be related to the fact about how can a complex and such powerful creature or entity come out of nothing?

It always existed? Okay, but why is it more plausible than the Universe being here always, and also the first cause, because of the natural laws of the universe, the laws that we are aware of, while we search for the M-theory?

Sometimes it makes me sad, that theists seem to fail to understand simple logic, or the flaws of their arguments, but it also makes me wonder, how many of these people are actually lying, and not complete idiots?

I mean, many theists are easy prey for various schemes that could lure money for various products.

That is why skeptical thinking is such a useful tool in your life, that you can use daily to evaluate if a claim is likely to be true.

Many have accused me of not being open minded because I do not take all claims at face value, just because I do not let anything enter my brain without first sceptically weighing the evidence of its validity.

All claims has an equal chance at trying to get through the filter that I have put up, does that make me completely close minded? No, I would consider me an open minded sceptic but with a filter that stops bullshit from clogging up my brain.

Please share your thoughts.

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