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Crysis – Game of this century!

All the gamers out there, should know that Half-Life 1 was the best game of the century, and most still think it is.

But then came Crysis, from the makers of Far Cry. Crysis is more than just eye candy with its intense hightech DX10 graphics that would make most PC building budgets cry. It is by far some of the best gameplay that I have long enjoyed. If you have played Far Cry, you almost know what to expect, large open maps with a huge variety of possibilites.

The year is 2020 and you are a member of the highly trained US special forces Delta Force, equipped with a nanosuit that makes you almost superhuman. You get sent to a tropical island invaded by North Koreans to free some archeologists. The plot is worth an Oscar, but the intensity of the story and the gameplay is great.

So if you got a high end computer, I must tell you to go out there and buy Crysis. You will not regret it.

I am also looking forward to see what other producers can make out of the Crytek engine. Which delivers mind stunning graphics and physics.



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