1st Annual “Draw Muhammad” day

Today my dear readers is the first annual “Draw Muhammad” day.

This is meant as a protest against those who want to limit my rights as a secular human being. They feel so offended by the fact that a person would draw their holy prophet.

Even if that picture is not vulgar, vile, violent, disrespectful, or in any other way offensive. The act itself is offensive, and it is so offensive that they feel justified to send death threats to those that make these drawings, and some have even died for critiquing the belief and ways of Islam.

I know there are Muslims that would consider themselves moderates and secular. These are not the ones that I am shouting at, I am shouting at the fundamentalists that wants to see the western civilization gone, and replaced by an Islamic theocracy.

It is okay for them to believe that their holy prophet rode a horse into heaven. Just do not expect me to also believe it without any credible evidence. Their superstition is for them to have, not us, we who have chosen to stay out of religion.

Without further ado  here you got Muhammad.


I know I am a shitty artist, but this is the best I can do.

It is suppose to be Muhammad in the grey clouds, feeling sad by these idiots that go about killing innocent people for not believing the same as they do.

Have a nice day.

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