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Disney channel sucks balls!

I must ask, what the fuck is wrong with Disney channel these days? The shows that they are showing here are utter crap. What happened to the good old toons like Ducktales and Dark Wing Duck? Now we must settle with analprobing material such as Jake the American dragon. Well the title is good enough but the story is… WTF did the smoke? Lilo and Stitch the series is also something that should make it legal to anal rape the author. Me and my GF talked about it, and we both agree that it is more expensive to make a cartoon the “classic” way without all the fancy computer stuff, making the story less important because you can spit out crap every 5th minute. The only “new” show that is actually okay, that’s Kim Possible. It is quality, but the rest is…. not even material for a german porn movie, that bad is it.

So if you’ve never seen Ducktales or Darkwing Duck, I urge you to try and find it at your local video pusher, or since Disney has a tight death grib on their stuff, you will be better off being a pirate, but that what happens when you like disney only send out a movie with every 5 year apart, and the shows are never avaible anywhere.. .

 So Disney get a fucking grib, that Disney channel is 100 times worse than Cartoon Network, and Tarzan the series, I would rather watch a penguin take a dump than watch a full episode.

The emperors new groove is okay..


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