Updating & 13.5% to goal

It was time for a change, change for the better I hope.

I have made and implented a new design, it is more plain, brigther and easier to read.

There have also been added social media sharing options in the bottom of all posts, so if you find some you like, you can now easily share with friends and the world.

Hopefully I can make some content that the people appreciate.


Since I began my fund for new PC parts I have reached 13.5% of my goal of 879 USD. If you want to help out you can donate in the upper right corner.

This is the related post for my PC fund.


With that, I will end this post with this great video by Melodysheep

Now accepting donations


Hi everyone,

It has been awhile since I have updated my blog, but with good reason.

A lot happened in 2012, and much of it took most of my time from the Summer of 2012 to January 2013.

These things were:

  • Getting into a relationship, and leaving it
  • My son being in and out of hospitals all of August due to complications from a routine removal of his polyps and tonsils. (He is fine now, besides having to visit the hospital in the first weekend of 2013 for putting LEGO up his nose.)
  • Going from local chairman of my local atheist group to a seat on the board of directors at the national Danish Atheist Society. (After months of crazy internal struggles and political intrigues.)
  • Debate with a Dr.Theol. at a seminary school.
  • Lobbying against ritual circumcision of boys in Denmark.

It has been busy, but I have learned a lot, and it has also been a lot of fun.

I feel bad for not keeping up with my YouTube or blog, but I only have two arms, I tried to get back on Youtube by purchasing a HD webcam, but sadly discovered that neither of my PCs were powerful enough to pull of recording via it.

Which brings me to the topic of this entry, I as an unemployed single-father, political activist, my funds are rather low, and my work-PC is soon turning 6, and sadly its motherboard has peaked in upgrades, L755 socket, for the technical minded people.

So I am trying to get funds to purchase a new PC, which means the parts that I need, like a new motherboard, GFX, RAM, HDD, and CPU.

I went out looking for the best value parts, and so far fell on a price of 5025 DKK = 879,37 USD for it all.


If you want to help me out, I added a donation option on my site, and will update if I get donations.


Also you may email me at if you are in Denmark and want to take a look at my list of parts and could suggest cheaper or better.


The parts are:


Thank you


Religious charities rejects donations.

From time to time I hear from theists that atheists tends to donate less than theists. Studies supports this, but I think there may be an underlying issue other than their lack of belief in gods.

It is not unheard of that religious charities, such as the Salvation Army rejects donations if they think they go against their religious belief. With one particular case with the Salvation Army, they rejected toys of Harry Potter and Twillight, because it promoted the occult and witchcraft.

They also reject money donations from groups that they didn’t like or if the money was attained in such a manner that they did not like. Such as money won in legal gambling or lottery. Also money from musicians or likewise that does not share their religious belief.

I have focused a lot on the Salvation Army, but I would speculate that a non-believer would feel uneasy to donate money to charities that are religious, which the majority of charities are.

So what we need is more focus on secular, and open charities, to make sure we know what the money is spent on.

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