Why I am so facinated by vampires

One of the lores I have always been facinated in, is the lore of vampires. The immortal creatures of the night that cling to their humanity, as a shipwrecked man to his timber. Their struggle with their two-natured way of life.

Cursed to live during the night and feed on the living.

There are different types of vampire lores, some that I like more than others.

The Anne Rice vampires, most known from the award winning movie, Interview with a vampire, is one of my favourite lores, how they are portrayed, their strenghts and weaknesses.

The new generation that is probably going to take over Anne Rice’s vampires are those of Charlaine Harris, with her Sookie Stackhouse Novels, they might not be award winning written, but the series they have spun off, True Blood, is for a lack of a better word, awesome.

Then there is ofcourse Bram Stoker’s Dracula, the story of Vlad Dracul, his fight against God and humanity. Rediscovering his humanity when he sees a woman that resembles the love he lost, the love that had caused himself to into a cursed existence. He is unique and has powers that most vampire does not have in other lores, daywalking, controlling any animal, turn into mist, and much more.

Then we have the more action orientated vampires, those known from Blade and John Carpenter’s Vampires, you do not get much characterization or struggle for humanity in those movies, but they are purely there for the show of the strenght of vampires and they fierosity.Though to be fair, Blade is somewhat of a vampire, a daywalker, but the entire premise of his existence is a bit flawed, they know how he was born and how he was created, why not make more daywalkers? Make a pregnant woman a vampire, voilá you got a daywalker getting born.

Even if it is only 1/100 or 1/10,000 vampires have time on their side, so the odds are that they would be able to create a daywalker or two in due time.

In my youth I also played Whitewolf’s pen&paper roleplay game, Vampires:The Masquerade, where I always played as a loner vampire of the clan Gangrel, known for their animal-likeness and power. This system has also been adapted to two games, Vampires:The Masquerade: Redemption and VTM:Bloodlines, where Redemption is my fav of those two. Bloodlines is more indepth adventure/action game, where you get more story, but it is so bug ridden that it kills some of the enjoyment for me.

Redemption on the other hand has a more likeable character, though you cannot chose what Clan you are apart of, by default that is Brujah, the rebellious and strong vampire clan.

The character in that game is Christof Romuald, 12th century knight, who gets Embraced by Ecaterina the Wise, you follow him throughout 7 centuries in his quest to find his love, Anezka.

A picture of him, below.

Christof Romuald

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