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Banning burkas and niqabs?


Should they be banned?

There have been a lot of talk in the media around in the European Union about perhaps banning these two particular clothing items.

I can see the reasoning behind it, in the Western World, we value that we are able to see who we are interracting with. On the other hand we also like to brag about being the frontier fighters of human rights and liberty. By imposing a ban, we remove the liberty of those that wants to walk around in a burka or niqab.

Here is my view on the entire case, I do not think that the government should impose a ban, that tells people not to wear this like some sort of fashion police. But those individuals who choose to wear this clothing item must also understand that wearing any of these clothing items does limit themself, in the sense that they should be allowed to be rejected in situation where you needed to be identifiable.

Religion should not be a “Do what ever you want”- free card, just because it is your religion, it shouldn’t be something that bends the rules of others.

If a bank has a rule that says that their customers are not to be masked when inside the bank, they must respect this, and either show their face, or stay out of the bank.

You might say that it will alienate some people from society, that they will not be able to use banks, or go into stores because of their choice, yes that is a risk, but they can just change their belief. Easier said than done, but there is a price to pay when you cling to superstition and faith, if that belief tells you to walk around in clothes that masks you completely from head to toe.

Free the burkas and niqabs, do not ban them.

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