Sweden is taking over the world!

sweden_empireEmpire Total War is such a fun game. At the moment the year is 1857 and Sweden rules over much of Europe.

Slowly spreading into India, the Swedish campaign is progressing into World Domination, will we have a century of meatballs?

Who knows, after 20 years as a absolute monarchy, the people of Sweden decided that enough was enough, they rebelled against their beloved monarch Karl IX. Weird as it seem 89% of the population did approve of him, due to the massive success that his reign had had.

After 6 months of struggle, Karl IX was decapitate at the public square in Stockholm, making way for the first President of Sweden. (I cannot remember his name…)

30 years later, Sweden is still a strong Republic, with colonies in the New Land, and in India.

After a tough campaign against the Prussians, Berlin was donated to the fledgling nation of USA.

USA who came to be, after the British nation had been removed from its seat of power by a swift naval invasion by the Swedish.

You might think that the Swedes are ruthless and just want World Domination, no! They have only begun few wars against those who do not share their values of freedom and protestantism. Also they let their brethren of Scandianvia, the Danes have their nation on Iceland.

Empire Total War, is a fun game!

You can buy it on Steam, it is made by The Creative Assembly and published by SEGA.

Super Mario Crossover – Fucking Epic!


Have you ever wondered as a child, what it would be like to play as Bill from Contra in the Super Mario world? Stop wondering, now you can. Exploding Rabbit has made it possible through this awesome flash, 8 months of work, and it is not just some simple sprite exchange, the entire gameplay mechanism changes depending on the character you choose. Click the image to try it out for yourself.

Damn it is epic.

Why I am on Youtube!

From time to time people have asked me, “Why is it that you spend to much time on Youtube?” Wondering if I got some narcissist demon hidden inside of me.

Do I just love the spotlight, is it because I want people to see me? No, not really, I do not even like to watch my own videos after I have made them.

The truth is that I am just a guy with an opinion, and I feel like I have to get it out of my system, and there is no better way for me than to talk to a camera about my opinion, and subsequently share that opinion with the rest of the world (or the parts of the world that has access to Youtube, which seems to get smaller).


Youtube is good platform to reach out and meet people who think in the same lanes as you do.

I have met many interesting personas on Youtube and I appreciate and value their videos and opinions.

Some may say that my videos have been a tad too anti-religious lately, I would agree to that on some extents, but it is also a very big subject that none can breeze over like it was a small deal.

Religion wants and tries to impose its ideology and dogmas onto others who do not share the same belief. This is the survival mechanism of Religion.

I do promise however that I will also start to focus less on religion on my Youtube channel and make videos about gaming and politics.

Or something completely random.

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