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Danish video game turned into a movie!

 That is true guys, most of you I hope have heard of Hitman the videogame, made by the danish company IO interactive.

For those who have not, I can explain that you play the role of a genetically engineered hitman, hired to kill various bad guys. You’re number 47 out of 47 clones. The only major plothole I can spot from the movie and game from the trailer is that he is “raised” as a child in the movie, but in the game he is born as an adult 🙂

But being raised as a child perhaps makes more sense, and is less sci-fi.

I am soo eager for it to hit the danish movie marked, it is a must see.

A decent video game to movie, which Uwe Boll haven’t touched

(Since the embedded movie screwed with my site design, check it out at www.hitmanthemovie.com)

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