Crazy Religious Moments of February


In latest funny and slightly crazy news, is that here in Denmark, a bishop has forbidden the local priest at the church of Sthen in Snekkersten.

Since 2009, priest Kirsten Knutzen has baptised 80 dolls and teddy bears at sermons for children at the ages one to six.

She told the press that she is aware that she is not making a blasphemic ritual, but she puts the ritual as close as possible to the actual ritual she uses her own words.

The Bishop Lise-Lotte Rebel of the Helsingør Congregations put an end to it. With the message that the People’s Lutheran Church of Denmark does not baptise objects.

In my honest opinion, I think it is an effective way of pulling children into the religion, but on the other hand, it also undermines the religion, by making fun of it. How can you tell a fake baptism apart from a real one?

May 2011 they had planned baptism and wedding for the teddy bear couple at Church of Sthen.


In Indonesia, a man was sentenced 5 years for blasphemy, a Christian man who insulted Islam.

I am not sure what he did, if I would consider it insulting, but hey I also think it would be as bad as insulting someone who though they were herding invisible unicorns.

But it wasn’t the sentence that I thought was the most absurd part, no no no..

The absurd part is that the local muslims wanted him killed, and they processed to burn local christian churches.

Horray for the religion of peace, both of them.



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