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King of all burgers!

Finally someone actually called my about a job! It was my part-time job application for Burger King that went through. I was contacted about an hour ago, and I got a job interview, 2 days from now (6 December 2007).

Not that I think it can go wrong, I have been to several job interviews, never have I once been turned down from a job. Plus with my almost 4 years of experience at McDonald’s I don’t think Burger King would mind have a burger wiz at myself onboard.

It is the most frustrating time when you send out job applications, because you never know if and when people will answer it. You just spend your time waiting, waiting and then suddenly the magic phonecall comes and tell you, “HOLY FUCK YOURE HIDEOUS” oh well not..

You get the drift, I just need a part time job so I can stil study at January ’till Summer of 2010. I hope it all goes well, wish me luck 😛

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