If everyone was as militant as “militant” atheists.

I have on numerous occassions been called a “militant” atheist, on they have talked about “militant” atheists and none of the times there has been an elaboration of what they actually mean about it. Because it seems that their definition of militant is that if you are skeptical, outspoken, or question religion in some manner, you are militant.

Would it not be a wonderful if the religious militants were militants in the same manner that “militant” atheists were. Asking questions and be skeptical to all claims. Hold lectures, publish books, generally outspoken…" It does make one wonder, when religious people call atheists as being militant, what do they mean? Do  they honestly mean that they are as bad as their religious militant counter-part? What if people that were militant about their religion, people that use violence in the name of their god claims, what if these people just held lecture, were outspoken, and denounced violence, would it not be better?

I do not think it is fair to call atheists militant, unless they are actually militant as in the popular definition, that it is someone that do not uses arguments for their cause, but rather violence, and trying to bully or use fear to get people to change their opinions.

AskAnAtheist had a good episode about this issue, and I do recommend people to check it out.

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