morning baby early nap

Uh hey up he rises, early in the morning…

Marius that brat wakes up at 5 AM in the morning. Dragging one of his poor parents up with him for his entertainment. This morning it was my turn to entertain the reincarnation of evil that early…

He is easy enough in the morning, but when you are sleepy nothing should actually be considered easy.

It seems like this is going to be a cleaning day, Ditte and Marius are going to the other part of town to attend a baby-meeting for young mothers. This night I could also barely sleep, there was a mysteries odour that was so foul that I could not close my eyes. So we turned on all lights and Marius obviously woke up because of this, but we were unable to figure out where the smell came from. :-/

Marius has just been tucked with fishie (his toy fish) and is now trying to have his morning nap. Which can last for 3 hours. I might also take a nap now.


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