Does a Belief in a God give Life more Meaning?

Time and time again, I hear from the religious that a life without belief in [a] god[s] is meaningless, or at least removes meaning from life.

I never had an issue with having [a] meaning[s] with my own life, as I see it, you make your own meanings and goals.

Now I wonder, what is/are this/these meaning[s] that believing in [a] god[s] give[s] these people, that a lack of belief in [a] god[s] cannot give you?

And are these meanings even worth it?

First I want to point out, you cannot force yourself to believe in something, I cannot turn on a “I believe in [a] god[s]” switch, by sheer willpower. So even if there are great meanings that would make belief in [a] god[s] worth it, you cannot force yourself to believe in the existence of these/this god[s].

I want to look at a typical Christian perspective and some of the arguments I hear from Christians about what they get from their belief (or relationship as they may call it too) in their god.

They want to serve their god, and share their belief with the people around them, in order for them to be “saved” too, but I ask you dear Christians who may read this, is that all?

Is the greater meaning of Christianity to be saved from sin, and to be a forever a child (never being allowed to be free and independent of the eternal parent)?

Servitude to this god of Christianity, how could that ever be considered a great or even a good meaning to adopt?

What is the point of having children, and of spreading Christianity then?

If the greatest meaning is to just serve and to be “saved”? If this is the meaning you want people to adopt?

You may excuse me, if I got it wrong, and I have somehow not seen what other great meaning there may be with Christianity.

But if I am right, and those are the great meanings of Christianity, why then have children? Why bring more “souls” to this world, and risk them not being “saved”, risk them not being Christians when growing up, not serving the god that may punish them?

Why even spreading Christianity, when you are asking people to volunteerily giving up their independency, their reason, their mental faculties, to be slaves of the Christian dogmas and doctrines, never being allowed to think outside the box, never to consider that there might be other options out there, than the theistic world view. Since that would be heretic, and would risk your immortal “soul”, as some believe.

Am I completely misrepresenting Christianity?

What is there to gain from Christianity, and other theistic beliefs that cannot be achieved by non-theistic beliefs and philosophies too?

Imagine there is no death!

Imagine that you could live forever, and there was no death at all, for any life forms on the Earth.

This is an idea many Christians share, that before “The Fall” there was no such thing as death.

But when Adam & Eve had sinned, God’s punishment was to kick them out of the Garden of Eden and they were no mortal.

Is this such a nice idea, being able to live forever? Here and now one might be concerned about our fragile and mortal life.

But would you choose to be immortal? Nothing would ever be able to end your existence.

What about aging, would someone ask, well for the sake of argument, lets say that your body stops aging at its physical and biological prime.

I would imagine that a world without death would be far from a paradise. If it is imagined as Kurt Vonnegut’s short story, “2BR02B” that we who had to choose to end our life ourself before a new one could be introduced.

A father would have to sacrifice his own life, if he could not get any other volunteers for his children to be allowed to be born.

If there was no control of population, and all living organisms could live forever, we would at some point start to get buried alive by other living organisms.

This is a physical and material immortality.

What about the spiritual, the “soul”?

Would you want that to live forever?

I wonder how many theists have actually tried to wrap their heads around the concept “forever”, it is fucking long time.

At a certain point, perhaps many billion years in the future, you as this immortal soul would have learned, experienced, and seen everything that is possible in the Universe.

There would be nothing new, you have spoken with everyone, you have seen stars die and be born, you have read every book ever written.

Now most theists would say, “Hey there will always be new souls getting born and therefore more people to talk with, everyone is unique.”

My response to that is no, both theists and the scientific world agree that the Earth lifespan is finite, though for various different reasons.

Science knows that our sun, Sol, will run out of fuel in ~4 billion years from now. When that happens, Sol will expand and life would no be sustainable on Earth.

Most theists have an end goal or end scenario for mankind. May it be the Abrahamic religions that believe in a cataclysimic event that will then destroy the Earth, where the rest of mankind will spend eternity in bliss.

Will others believe in reincarnation, but at some point, everyone would have achieved “Nirvana”.

So would you like to live forever?

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