Norweigan Priest Fired for Writing About Sex in The Bible

Einar Gelius

The Bishop of Oslo at the State Church of Norway (Statskirken, Evangalical Lutheran) has contacted Einar Gelius in order to tell him that he is fired.

Einar published a book called “Sex in The Bible” and that was too much for the State Church of Norway.

Einar has been a priest since 1986, after he finished a masters in theology at the University of Oslo. It is not the first time he has released controversial books about Christianity and the Bible. According to the NRK (Norweigan Radio Channel) a lot of norweigans find it liberating that Einar Gelius has the courage to confront the various taboo subjects of Christianity.

I was somewhat surprised by this news, as anyone who have read the bible will know, it is filled with sex, both directly and indirectly. It has a sickening fixation on virginity, and how women should be treated. Also in Ezekiel there are detailed passages about big penises, ejaculation, and breasts.

If the State Church of Norway does not want their congregation to know about this fixation on sex in the Bible, they should ban the use of the Bible.

On the other hand, I think this would actually also boost the sales of this book that Einar Gelius has just released. I am myself curious to read what his views are on the various sexual parts in the bible.

I find it sad that my Scandinavian neighbour is censoring someone at a state institution for saying his opinion about the bible, even if he is hired by the church.

What is your opinion?

Should Prostitution be Illegal?

In my opinion, NO!

However it should be regulated, supervised, and taxed.

If a woman or a man want to sell their bodies that is fine with me, as long as their adults, and of course they are not forced into the occupation.

Decriminalizing prostitution for both buyer and sell of the service would be a step forward in my opinion. If it is done at safe and controlled enviroments.

People who wants to engange in proffesionally into the field of selling sex as a service, should be taxregistered, as it is their occupation, with that said, there would also be taxexamptions for their purchase of condoms or other relevant “tools of the trade”. A regular screening of STDs should also be mandatory. They should be allowed to operate from a proffessional brothel or from their home.

No street selling, making it legal to have the service offered from a brothel or a home, would help getting it off the streets, and those on the streets would be considered illegal.

Pimping to some extent should not be legal, if someone has forced someone, in any manner, be that human trafficking or binding contracts. But if a person can offer a building or provide marketing services, that person should be entitled for wages as a proffesional pimp (even though that title sounds ridiculus).

In theory that would probably open up for more police resources, that are now spent on tracking down illegal prostitution.

I never really heard any good arguments against prostitution, or its legality. Most of them are based in ethics, which stem from a society’s religious and cultural background. However if anyone could provide me with some really good reasons why it should be illegal to sell sex as a service, than I am all ears.

So what do you think?

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