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Simcity 4, ridiculously addictive

Oh man, oh man…

Simcity has to be the most addictive city building sandbox game I have ever played. To give an example how sandbox and lame it is (but still addictive in the manner of a puzzle), my girlfriend asked: “When have you completed the game?.” And I could not give her a decent answer, because there is no final goal. Well okay there is some sort of a goal that is to build a working city. How you do it, that is up to you.

Some bugs that ticks me off, there is no autosave every X minute function, which really annoys me, since the game has a tendency to crash, without warning. It did it when I had XP and it still does it with Vista. And sometimes the scroll to the edge function goes mad, and you can’t cancel a build in progress you have to get the mouse back to the starter position and build ONE tile of something.

But with that said, if you like a sandbox game where you don’t have any stressfull timer or goal to beat, then I would recommend the Simcity 4 Deluxe edition. It is fun, addictive and anti-stress 😀


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