Renaming it will not fix the problem


The group leader of the Danish Socialist People’s Party, Pernille Vigsø Bagge, got the brilliant idea that in Denmark we should rename our Ministry of the Church to Ministry of Life Philosophies.

A statement that she withdrew within 24 hours after everyone in Denmark laughed at the idea, or suggested it should be something else such as the Ministry of Magic (I guess we got a lot of Harry Potter fans in our population).

I do wonder if Pernille actually have given it any thoughts at all, because what would changing the name of the said ministry change? (Besides the obvious fact as the name)

We would still have a state church, and with that a state religion, no equality amongst religions, and no proper freedom from religion.

What we need is a change in our constitution, we need to have equal rights for everyone in our country. Yet I fear this is at least one generation away in Denmark to happen, that the church and state will be separated. (30 years time)

There is no easy solution, it will require hard work from our politicians, the non-profit activist groups (such as The Danish Atheist Society), and the general population in order to create this change.

Instead if Pernille would want any of my respect, instead of focusing on the name of a ministry, she should focus on what it does, and its effects on society. Start a debate on what the effects are of a state church in Denmark.

I find the level of hypocrisy amongst politicians in Denmark to be nauseating at best sometimes, I hear interviews where they say that religion and politics have no place in Denmark, yet none of them dare to open a debate whether Denmark should keep having a state church.

What about instead of using the amount of members in the state church for their arguments, how about they find out, how many do actually believe in what the Lutheran Church teaches? How many are actually just “cultural christian” or in all practicality either deist or atheists (agnostics included).

So secular politicians in Denmark, please if you ever read this, grow up, and start an actual debate.

Norweigan Priest Fired for Writing About Sex in The Bible

Einar Gelius

The Bishop of Oslo at the State Church of Norway (Statskirken, Evangalical Lutheran) has contacted Einar Gelius in order to tell him that he is fired.

Einar published a book called “Sex in The Bible” and that was too much for the State Church of Norway.

Einar has been a priest since 1986, after he finished a masters in theology at the University of Oslo. It is not the first time he has released controversial books about Christianity and the Bible. According to the NRK (Norweigan Radio Channel) a lot of norweigans find it liberating that Einar Gelius has the courage to confront the various taboo subjects of Christianity.

I was somewhat surprised by this news, as anyone who have read the bible will know, it is filled with sex, both directly and indirectly. It has a sickening fixation on virginity, and how women should be treated. Also in Ezekiel there are detailed passages about big penises, ejaculation, and breasts.

If the State Church of Norway does not want their congregation to know about this fixation on sex in the Bible, they should ban the use of the Bible.

On the other hand, I think this would actually also boost the sales of this book that Einar Gelius has just released. I am myself curious to read what his views are on the various sexual parts in the bible.

I find it sad that my Scandinavian neighbour is censoring someone at a state institution for saying his opinion about the bible, even if he is hired by the church.

What is your opinion?

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