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World in conflict – I forgot how much fun it is…

“…bombs are flying people are dying…” those famous words that came from the lips of Big Gay Al (South Park character), words that describe World in Conflict. The cold war turned hot.

Russia invades the US, Pearl Harbor version 10,000.

Those are the settings, I’ll skip the single player part and jump directly to the multiplayer part, the part of the game that makes it shine like a diamond.

You may choose to control one of 4 military groups (Infantry, Armour, Air, and Support). These four groups have their advantages and disadvantages, and the game can not be won without people working together. The Air units need the ground units to take out the AA guns, while the ground units needs the Air units to take out the enemy ground units.

It is really well balanced, and I must admit, I suck at being Infantry.. I must have the highest death ratio being an infantry commander.. Poor Joes that volunteer to my division 😛

I am better as being an anti-air helicopter unit 🙂

If you like strategy games, this is a must have…

In Denmark it cost 99 DKR at the moment (20 US$)

War, what is it good for...

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