Around and Around We Go Again…

It amazes me sometimes, how often I may get the same old arguments, or ideas of what I believe or do not believe.

Far too often, I try to explain that I do not believe in gods, yet I am met with messages like these;

From @POCOYOSMILE on Twitter, “@Tylzen oh srry .its calld bein an atheist .the disbelief in any deity .you dont BELIEVE there is a god”

There are two popular definitions of atheism out there;

  • The belief that there is no god
  • The lack of belief that there is a god

You might say there is no difference between them, but the difference is subtle, but yet important to remember.

I fall into the the latter category, of a lack of belief, I do not actively have to not to believe in a god, I just do not believe.

It might be hard for a believer to understand this, if they cannot recall or have ever not believed in a god, but there are many things that they do not believe in. Do they have to make an active effort every day or now and then, to not believe in those things?

One label such as atheism says little of who I am, and what I believe in, because I do believe in certain ideals, which have no supernatural origin or controlled by an entity.

@POCOYOSMILE made another mistake, in his message towards me, he capitalized the word BELIEVE, where he should have done that with “DON’T”, which hopefully would make him see, that I do not believe.

Whenever a believer ask me, if I believe in a god, my typical answer would be, “I do not know if there are any gods, but I do not believe there are any gods.”

If you want to use a quick label, you could call me an agnostic atheist, the problem with this label is that many do not know what it means exactly. The misrepresentation of atheists and agnostics alike, by believers, make it hard to use quick labels, so I prefer to explain in greater details.

Agnosticism and Atheism are NOT mutual exclusive, you can be both, agnosticism is not a magical middle ground, it is different part of your belief, that represents your knowledge, or perceived knowledge in the matter of the existences of gods.

To finally cement the argument against @POCOYOSMILE is if you called believing in gods, is a hobby, then not believing would be equal to not having a hobby.

So what @POCOYOSMILE says is that by not having a hobby, you have a hobby. Which is absurd at best.

Just like asymmetry is not a kind of symmetry, it is a lack of symmetry.

To end my post, I want to ask a question, why is it, that so many believers are so set at equating atheism as a belief?

I think personally that they want to have atheism on equal footing as their own belief, so they can dismiss it, by saying, that atheism is just another belief that some have chosen, and holds as much merit as their own belief.


Can they not imagine that someone actually do not believe?

Empire Avenue, a new and interesting social network.



If you are wondering what the first line of this blog entry means, it is just something for a new social network, Empire Avenue, to verify my blog.

On Empire Avenue you buy shares in your friends, and have a sort of friendly competition to try and be the one with the highest share value.

Which is done by being connected to most other social networks, such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn.

You also need to have activity on the linked networks, in order for rising up in the stock market on Empire Avenue.

It is an interesting twist on social networking, and I recommend you all check it out.

My profile on there is feel free to buy shares in my profile.

It is a fast riser at the moment, I am also very active on social networks.


Beware of what you share…

Been awhile since I posted something on my blog.

I should update it more regularly, but so little time.

Anyway, I got this experience on Twitter, I was sharing a site, to show something outrageous, and one of the people I follow actually thanked me for it. Because he had been looking for it.

He was taking it as semi-legit and said much of it made sense.

There was also some private messages he sent to me, which I am not going disclose.

But it got me to thinking, should we be more careful what we share? If we got sites that are bogus, but if we share them with people that have a tendency to believe it, we might push more people into the realm of conspiracies and pseudo-science.

On the other hand, it is also good to know which sites are crazy out there. is one of them.

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