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I am back…

Yes, I am back on with the blogging thing.

So this is the new design that I chose to go with. I will still use WordPress since it is the most clean and fun blogging tool to work with.

I am still on leave untill 3rd December, after Marius got born (my son) I have spent a lot of time around him :). He is adorable and looks like his dad. (Video: )

Life has changed since I became “Dad” I look at things with another perspective. It is a good feeling and I love him, and my girlfriend. I will do my utterly best to give him a safe and good upbringing. I have given life!

Today I also put down the first brick in my on coming education, I went over to VUC in Aalborg and “enlisted”. So I will begin the 7th January at school. It will be good to be back in the bench learning, and not letting my brain rot.

I hope I will be able to keep this blog active and most of all, interresting.


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